"the place" is wherever and whenever. As long as you're high on Marijuana aka Weed!

It's a code word so people know you're high, tag yourself at "The Place" on Facebook to show friends you're smoking da green!!!
Mate: Where are you guys?

Myself: Me and the boys are at The Place

Mate: Oh I want in, so... where are you? And don't say the place!
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another name to designate the loo, the WC, the Can, the crapper, the jakes...
Sorry that I could not answer the phone at once, I was in The Place, unloading myself.
by Sylvain September 26, 2004
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The tingly place between legs
BO makes me tingle in my no no place.
by Smithica November 11, 2007
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An exclamation which may be used to inform someone that they have crossed the line by word or deed, and must therefore be put back in their 'place'. Usually accompanied by a hand gesture reminiscent of talk to the hand, in which the outwards-facing palm is almost in contact with the face of the wrong-doer. A truly successful 'place' is said to have occurred if the miscreant is caught off-balance by the act of putting them in said place.
Example 1:
Temple Robber: I'm totally going to sneak into this temple.
Temple Guard: Place!

Example 2:
Tourist: Might I please have some information about local trains?
Tourist Information Desk: You have to go to the Travel Centre. Place!
by Moomin Bongo Bongo May 9, 2010
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The area imagined which fulfills a desired emotion or feeling that is lacking in the present.
When I get angry I have to find my happy place.
by texslix July 27, 2009
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Placing: (v.)-> To fuck. To pipe. To nail. To have intercourse with.

Guy One: "Why are you still fucking with that bitch Sophia?"
Guy Two: "I'm just trying to place bro."
by WenYouG&YorMoney September 28, 2017
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