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"the place" is wherever and whenever. As long as you're high on Marijuana aka Weed!

It's a code word so people know you're high, tag yourself at "The Place" on Facebook to show friends you're smoking da green!!!
Mate: Where are you guys?

Myself: Me and the boys are at The Place

Mate: Oh I want in, so... where are you? And don't say the place!
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A small area on a table, usually a few inches in diameter. When you eat, food tends to fall out of your utensil and onto this area. Anything on the place is considered "all over the place."
You're gettin' that all over the place!
by spel itt rite March 28, 2006
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another name to designate the loo, the WC, the Can, the crapper, the jakes...
Sorry that I could not answer the phone at once, I was in The Place, unloading myself.
by Sylvain September 26, 2004
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