Girls sometimes fight over the penthouse because it is the biggest and cleanest stall in any public restroom.
by Jaynie August 28, 2006
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Mentioned by Topher in workaholics. "It's like the Playboy Mansion but much more doper." Filled with hot ladies who have major coke problems.
Guy 1: yo you going to the Penthouse Penthouse?

Guy 2: Yeah dude, I heard you can pee on the floor there.
by 50stein February 21, 2014
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Maxing and relaxing in a penthouse, generally involving alcohol, drugs etc... but especially bad bitches. It is also a state of mind where the world is your oyster and you are looking down upon it, not just thinking you are better than the plebs below you, but knowing it.
OG "Broo what did you mean by penthousing last night?"

JC "Dawg it was like yachting, but on the top floor."
by Red rope man July 18, 2018
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1) A top shelf magazine.

2) The highest suite of a residential building, which is also the best-catered and most expensive by far.

3) the best availiable
I jack off to penthouse sitting in my penthouse appartment and it feels like penthouse. Then I go home.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
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A heaven-like abode of which is inhabited by mankind's absolute pinnacle of being. PENTHOUSE CREW!
Boy 1: That girl is so hot, she is defiantly apart of the penthouse.
Boy 2: Dayyym penthouse crew, who the fuck are you?!??
by Alesha Penthouse February 9, 2012
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The larger, more spacious handicapped stall in public restrooms. It sees the most traffic, and therefore is more prone to horrible messes.
"Hey Steve, go clean the men's penthouse, it's filthy."
"No, no I'm not doing that again."
"No, never again, never again."
by RCulver July 11, 2008
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The best damned porn magazine on the shelves!!
by Ashley March 1, 2003
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