Being caught jacking off to a static screen, while seven others blast porn.
While gaming, one of the dogs slipped down stairs. Must have been sometime, anyhow she came back up looking horrified. We go downstairs, one of the room doors are open. We go inside, theres The Payton, dick in hand to a blank screen, with seven others blasting rough guy on guy on guy on guy porn.
by Rff28 July 12, 2021
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Most beautiful girl you could ever meet. She has a bright personality and an adorable face. Payton's can be super clumsy but in a good way. Payton's make the best friends and have been known to keep secrets well. Payton's also have many secrets and can be quite mysterious. They might her but many boys like her.
Person 1: "Hey, that girl is pretty hot."
Person 2: "Yeah. She must be Payton."
by Mariya Ryuugu March 25, 2013
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The best friend a person could ever have, Payton is always there for you, always caring, understanding and loving! Payton is usually beautiful and a extremely talented dancer who's really flexible. Payton is very lovable and makes friends with everyone. Payton is also a total boy magnet! And really sexy.
Oh wow she's such a Payton everyone likes her!
by Paytonthebestfriendthelover January 26, 2014
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Payton is a beautiful lady who can brighten up ur smile in a second. She's very attractive and sweet. She's there as always when you need her. She can be rude some times but only when she feels hurt by you. She's very lovable. Her personality is the best thing ever to recognize. She's smart also and outrageously breathtaking when you see her.
"Have you heard of Payton? "

"Yeah, she's one of the most beautiful girls in my life. She's very smart and active too"
by OnePac25 October 11, 2017
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An amazing, beautiful, kind, pretty, stunning, shy girl. She's hard to get to know but once you do she is easy to love. No one compares to her.
by Paigenstien November 4, 2013
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The kindest heart you will ever meet. Smart, imaginative, creative, and energetic. One of the most amazing artists. With one smile can wipe away worries and fear. Very strong and a great friend to all.
Man I was pissed but Payton made me feel so much better!
Did you see that drawing that Payton just did? Man that kid is tallented!
by mommahotness February 3, 2010
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A girl with a big heart, and is the nicest girl you will ever meet. She knows how to pleasure a guy, and is a great kisser. She is a hot person, no girls have any problems with her, and all the guys want her.
Payton is so hot!
She is so nice to.
Every guy loves her, but I need her.
by jasss February 14, 2015
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