Where the boys get lit during break times. Only the best of the best can survive. Many people can't handle the pad and have had to level down to Football or becoming Charlie's friend.
Oi, why has LOOOOGAAAN not been at the pad recently.
by Dubsy Wubsy September 18, 2020
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where the lads are on and if you walk past you gotta look straight. everyone else is scared of the pad and their massive slongs especially willy t. the place where charlie folds and gabe gets taken advantage of be careful of the might mat cuff doing a haka tho
oh no the albino rhino and the sliverback gorrila are scraping at the pad again lets hope the albino rhino doesnt be gay again
by willy t and kasey November 25, 2020
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To be "On the pad" means that someone, usually in law enforcement or other position of authority, regularly takes bribes.
Detective Dolan was kicked off the force because he had been on the pad to local wiseguys for years.
by Hashim R. Hathaway March 3, 2007
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Your house or room.
"Hey baby. Let's go back to my pad for some action."
by Diego August 21, 2003
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Shots or even scenes which are pointless besides making the film longer.
by Adam January 4, 2004
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1: To be put in and made to wear diaper. Usually after an extended period of utilizing more age-appropriate, less protective undergarments. A source of major embarrassment, or fetish fuel, depending on the victim.

2: Describes ones waist while in a diapered state. Can also describe the affects of any bra or underwear used to accentuate ones assets in a similar, if less protective, manner.
Guy 1: Hey, its that woman I met yesterday! She seemed oddly evasive when I tried to talk to her.

Guy 2: She's obviously embarrassed to be out in public. You would be to if you'd been padded.

The girl walked down the street as the townsfolk ogled her padded rear.
by NoNamedFish August 26, 2009
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Pass As Deadstock.
Usually refferred to sneakers or street wear when described as "look like never used".
Seller: Nike air max size 10

Buyer: Condition?
Seller: PADS
by SneakerHype October 27, 2017
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