Just a casual swearword of the same nature as bloody, not too strong, but gets the point across with some level of emphasis.
by Floortigan October 14, 2018
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Word that causes parents to suffer apoplexy when their toddlers learn it from their grandfathers and they subsequently look up the definition in Urban Dictionary

Not to be confused with a regional pronunciation of “blooming” as made popular by Raymond BriggsFather Christmas, which is a harmless colloquial ejaculation of frustration.
My child said “bloomin” and I’m worried everyone will think he’s referencing a fictional use of the word which involves a ludicrously specific sex act never performed in the history of human sexual intercourse
by Vr1307 October 12, 2018
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A hainous sexual performance in which a man engages in intercourse with 5 women. The man first performs cunnilingus on the first woman, the second and third women are getting probed with two to three fingers in their vaginas. The forth woman is riding the man’s penis in either the cowgirl or the (optional) reserve cowgirl position. The fifth woman is loudly humming on the mans testicles making sure that this sexual act is well and truely heard if there are any people in proximity to this act.
“I had an epic bloomin last night with the birds from work.”

You deserved it you legend, but bloody hell that humming was loud!”

“I was at the rippers last night and copped a mad bloomin with all the strippers!
Oh yeah, how loud was the hum?
Fucken loud mate!”
by Lachlan and Swanny August 24, 2017
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yo dude, that kid is bloomin in his new video on youtube
by a456332 December 23, 2018
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While giving a girl a hardy fisting you open your hand up and pull out.
Man that was the best Bloomin' Onion ever, I didn't think I would get all my fingers back out.
by Steviepq September 26, 2007
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The act of getting a blowjob while taking a shit while eating a Bloomin' Onion from the Outback Steakhouse. Those three small successes equal the major one known as the 'Bloomin Blumpkin'. This is the pinnacle of achievement one can possibly attain during a lifetime. Nobel Prize winners hope to one day receive a Bloomin Blumpkin.
Sean: "You know Claire from LOST?"

Justin: "The Australian one, yeah shes pretty cute"

Sean: "I'd let her serve me a bloomin blumpkin!"

Justin: "If only! I could die a happy man after that"
by themanswh March 4, 2010
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When you shit through a strainer onto a plate forming a pretty flower of feces.
Art served up his famous bloomin' onion on T.J.'s fine china right after his trip to Chipotle providing a delicate desert for both to enjoy.
by danns March 7, 2013
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