1.) Derived from Strong Bad's Teen Girl Squad comics, where each character is named "The (adjective) One". 2.) Code name for one girl in a group of friends living in Chicago 3.) Bestowed upon her ironically, in recognition of her sarcastic and mocking attitude towards corny, encouraging statements such as "You're number one!" 4.) Alludes to her constant acquiring of phone numbers, due to her witty conversation starters and remarkable charm
After returning with another phone number: "She isn't called The Number One for nothing."

"I dare you to do it. Or aren't you The Number One?"
by lpr January 5, 2005
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"Let's invite some more boys. Who could we invite? Let's ask The Number One!"
by lpr January 14, 2005
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shortest haircut a guy (or gal) can get.
check out that bogan with a number one!
by Squidling January 7, 2004
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being at the top of your friend's best friend ranking. A number one takes on duties and privileges that must be held account for.
Luan: yo peter, you're my number one now.
Peter: What about Pat?
Luan: Man that skank ahh nig aint nothin but a bitch
Peter: Thank you luan, i'll do my best.
by Peter December 10, 2006
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