A sex position.

The man is sitting on a toilet in an entirely white room, taking a crap, as the girl is sitting on his lap fucking him. The girl is pregnant, and also has her period at the time as well. Both male and female are crying, and vomiting on each other. The male has a skunk duct taped to both arms, and is beating the girl senseless with the skunks bodies, producing a terrible stench on top of everything else. The girl must be in mid-labor and the male is fucking the baby back into the womb. Both members are sweating, and all bodily fluids are coming out at this time.

The only way The Number 8 is completed is if the man successfully ejaculates with all of the above occurring.
Frank: Wow John, you look awful...and you smell awful...and theres two dead skunks duct taped to your arms...what happened?

John: I just completed The Number 8...

Frank: Thats impressive.
by Alekz Rainoldz March 9, 2008
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Following the bathroom rules, number 8 is to vomit, take a shit, urinate, and masturbate at the same time.
"Yo my boy Anthony is nasty he pulled a number 8 in my bathroom!"
by Eddie Y. October 13, 2007
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When you shit, piss, cum, excrete snot, sweat, blood, puss, and a fart all at the same time.
by TIMMAH von SHIT September 5, 2007
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The number 8 is the devils new number. It has satanic vibes and is the worst thing that could've ever happened.
The number 8 is sad, tragic, canceled, pointless and overrated.
'What's your favorite number?'
'oh, number 8'
'shit you belong to hell'
by okiwantscrunchies October 29, 2019
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Maggots inside Big Mac?!?!?! In march 2011 Melbourne resident Lee Savage ordered a Big Mac. He opened the sandwich to check if it included the extra pickles he ordered, the pickles were there, but to master Savages shock and horror, there were also tens of maggots crawling around the patties.
Guy: can i get a big mac
Mcdonald's guy: ye that will be 4 dollars and 21 cents
Guy: no way number 8 is crazy imma order a little mac (from punch out)
by TDS Dyno March 30, 2023
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The number, in a sequence going in numerical order, that comes after the number 7. However, this number also comes before the number 9.

In special cases, the number 8 can be seen in the number 18, 80, 88, 100,548 and the infinity symbol.
Number 8 occurrences: 8, 18, 88, and also 465,624,572,456,134,524,563,461,346,236,352,468 <--number 8
by April 19, 2022
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Sex rule stating, "All women like it in the ass; some just don't know it yet." Can also be used as a verb.
"My girlfriend and I proved Rule Number 8 last night; now she can't get enough!"
by Blackbird Pilot August 30, 2009
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