its short for baby nigga without puttin the a or er to offend anyone
man dat nig nig needa slow da fuq down
by Big Daddy Makal December 17, 2018
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A parody of the song quote "racks on racks on racks" using the word nigs as a replacement for racks.

Used to describe massive amounts of nigs, often clumped together/piled up in a similar way to the zombies from World War Z.

Also used to describe large quantities of "bling" or other items most commonly associated with nigs.

Ex. "Did you see all the blacks in there? It was like nigs on nigs on nigs!

Ex. I got nigs on nigs on nigs!
Did you see all the blacks in there? It was like nigs on nigs on nigs!

I got nigs on nigs on nigs!
by Chocolate Covered Jesus January 13, 2014
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Used to describe a black on black crime.
Harold: Shooting last night.
Josh: Yeah, I heard. Were any humans killed?
Harold: Nope. It was nig on nig.

by Lexicon Master November 19, 2007
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A term of endearment that white people use instead of nigga. as Michael J. Goodman once said, Nig-Nig is just a fun thing to say

(MJG is a butt)
sup nig-nig? got a stoge?
by La Negra March 9, 2005
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to mooch off someone-eat their food, drink their beer, smoke their smokables
a full pack of cigarettes lies on the table, invitingly. You have none since you are poor.

"Dude, can I nig on the nig?"

by larrylowlife January 31, 2008
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