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When about to ejaculate quickly shoot your load in the sexual partners hair which will create a wetsticky surface on the persons hair which is similar to the top of a moist mushroom like one you might find in a pleasent area of english woodland

a variation in the word is (shroom hair)
Last night i mushroomed my partner
i Have commited the mushroom on some bird last night

Hah i just gave you a proper mushroom

My Dad just mushroomed your mum

I Mushroomed your wife Last Night
by Mchazzmo May 19, 2009
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When your partner puckers their lips and you place your mouth around their lips and suck with varying pressure. Suction accompanied by violent shaking of the head is known as a Spanish Mushroom
Dude I was making out with penelope last night and when I gave her the mushroom I knew she was hooked
by hotoatm3al December 22, 2014
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