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They feel similar to butterflies, but where butterflies are that soft fluttering feeling you get when you are excited or happy, The Moths are that sick stomach-flipping feeling you get when you are worried or are upset about something.

The happy fluttering and sick flopping feeling are actually very similar feeling reactions, just one is for a good reason and the other is for a bad. Therefore since moths are the ugly version of butterflies, they represent the ugly verson of the stomach flip-flopping.
When you see your significant other or the person you are interested in enter into the room, you get excited and feel butterflies in your stomach.

When you see your ex with someone else, you get sick and upset and feel The Moths in your stomach.
by ihavethemoths. July 29, 2012
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A sexually transmitted disease made up by several bored 9th graders
Did you hear about Karl? He's got 'the moth'.
by Flaboo66 May 31, 2010
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A girl who thinks she look like a butterfly but is about as beautiful as a moth
Pete-"So whats your new chick look like bro?"
Wazza-"About as beautiful as a moth"
Pete- "What do you mean?"
Wazza-"Well she is no fuckin butterfly"
"The Moth"
by Mr definition June 17, 2016
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