Female digital stimulation where 2 fingers are inserted into the vaginal canal, and a full fist into the anus.
The Minivan? Two up front, five in the back, baby!
by Timmy Thunderpants October 20, 2006
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The sexual act known as "The Minivan" is when two fingers are inserted into the vaginal cavity from one hand, and the other hand (made into a fist) is inserted into the anus. A Minivan usually accommodates seven "passengers" but is known in cases of emergency to squeeze a few more in.
Scissoring just wasent cutting it so they proceeded to get in The Minivan.
by ExitOut August 7, 2014
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2 in the front, 5 in the rear. Similar in effect and usage to the Shocker, but requiring 2 hands, and a very willing reciever.
I gave my girlfriend the Shocker, but that wasn't doing it for her anymore, so I had to give her a ride on the Minivan!
by GoodyQ December 19, 2010
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Two in the front, five in the rear. Child seats optional.
I met Sally last week on Tinder. She enjoys The Minivan.
by jason-abc November 29, 2018
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Similar to the shocker (2 fingers in the pink, 1 in the stink), the act of putting 2 fingers in the vagina and a fist up the ass. Called the minivan because it fits 2 in the front and 5 in the back.
She's such a slewbag I had no problem parkin' the minivan in her.
by Minivanna White February 15, 2005
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A car that is rarely seen driven outside of the suburbs, or by nonwhite/nonasian families. NEVER seen driven by people who are single.
Look at those guys driving that minivan! And to think that this is NYC...
by Rodney Basil April 6, 2004
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adj. suburban, uncool, anything that can be associated with boring, conservative, middle class, middle American culture. Big suburban malls are minivan. 7th Heaven is minivan.
Let's get back to the city, this place is too minivan.
I never watch ABC Famliy; it's too minivan.
OMG, her velvet track suit is sooo minivan!
Yeah, we went to Disney World but it was awful. Everyone there was so minivan.
by Muskox April 29, 2006
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