A fictional STD, that is both MRSA and Herpes. Used to describe something or someone that is beyond gross.
"Dude, don't go near her. You'll get the merp."
by Wilhelm December 19, 2007
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The sound you nonchalantly utter when there are no more fucks left to give.
When the debt collector told Johnny his credit will tank if he doesn't make a payment, he shrugged and replied, "Merp."
by NickFresh215 July 17, 2018
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Ussually used when there is nothing else to say, but can be used as a response to a yes or no question (or other types of questions) when you dont want to answer it. It can be used repeatedly to avoid answering a question.
Boy: "Wanna go out for a date tonight?"
Girl: "Merp."
Boy: "What?"
Girl: "Merp."
Boy: "Do you?"
Girl: "Merp."
Boy: "..."
Girl: "Merp."
by Zross June 24, 2014
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the sound a Sergal makes

also, praise the merp.
Sergal: Merp

every furry in a 30-kilometer distance: AWFUFFWIFOPOIPOI SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEE
by ThunderTheFurry December 2, 2020
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a word said when an awkward conversation is happening to make things less awkward,quiet or can be used as an expression of saddness or to change the conversation
boy: wanna make out

girl:....um no

boy: merp
by ur dad 84 69 June 30, 2012
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A: Hey, what's going on?

B: My dog died

A: are you ok?

B: Merp
by Bbcb September 22, 2014
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The term commonly thought of as a filler for an awkward situation such as the word "meh", but with deeper meaning. Merp is versatile and pseudo-poignant verb, adjective or noun with numerous capabilities and one etiology. It is derived from the word Merpidity which is a happy-go-lucky feeling that one has while indulging in activities such as raging, chillin, and keeping it real. Merp can be used in an catch-phrase to throw people off guard or to have one beg the question "Does this person really think he is a grammatitician, I think not!" Additionally, one can use the word merp as a euphemism in public as not to offend any people in proximity.
"Merpin' ain't easy"
"When I Merp you Merp, yah just like that"
"What the Merp!"

Person 1: Hey man that test was hard!
Person 2: It's all merp bro

Person 1: Hey man what are you doing this weekend?
Person 2: what do you think, Ill be merpin' up a storm
by merpidty merper May 2, 2013
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