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Karlson is a parkour 3d shooting game where you control a character named "Karlson", your goal is to get to the milk. This game is made by a popular YouTuber named "Dani", you might know him as he is the person who made 3d Among Us.
Dani: You're wondering what Karlson is? I'm glad you asked Karlson is just a game I'm working on currently it's one of the most wishlisted game on steam wishlist it so we get it to the #1 spot, Smash wishlist now gamers
by ThunderTheFurry March 30, 2021
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the sound a Sergal makes

also, praise the merp.
Sergal: Merp

every furry in a 30-kilometer distance: AWFUFFWIFOPOIPOI SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEE
by ThunderTheFurry December 01, 2020
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the thing furries use whenever someone calls them cute or when someone needs a slapping
Person: ur cute lol

furry: ÒwÓ
by ThunderTheFurry February 11, 2021
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by ThunderTheFurry December 01, 2020
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a website mostly made out of NSFW furry artwork, there are some SFW but everyone ignores them

It is also home to a lot of cursed artworks
Person 1: yo, check out this WoW porn I found!
Person 2: Hell Nah, I'd rather jack off to the shit on e621 than see that shit
by ThunderTheFurry October 25, 2020
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when someone does or says something so stupid and unbelievable that you just can't think of a better answer
Man: *buys 3 toilet paper*
Cashier: "Alright, that will be 45$"
Man: "Are you fucking serious?"
by ThunderTheFurry October 25, 2020
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