Ah, i see, you've done "The Mackenzie", there is no turning back now....
by HentaiLordXxx42069 September 27, 2018
A beautiful girl who has overcome much in her life and is wise beyond her years. She is very calm in difficult situations, similar to Dumbledore. She is a great friend because she always knows what to say, will comfort you, cry with you, laugh with you, and play with you. She has eyes like no other and a smile that will light up the room. She is funny, crazy, and witty, social, very athletic and talented. She is someone you will want to keep around and love for a very long time.
Girl: Mackenzie and I have been friends only for 2 years, it feels like a lifetime, I love her with all my heart.

Guy: ya she's just one of those kinda people.
by Reanie Beanie January 30, 2014
Mackenzie may also be known as Kenzie. Everyone knows her. She's friends with everyone from the popular group to pretty much the bottom. She knows everyone and makes friends easily. She also keeps those friends no matter what. She always has that one best friend. She has other best friends but this one's different. She makes all the guys fall in love and all the girls jealous. She's gorgeous in every single way. She's nice, sweet, funny, and just perfect. She's wonderful inside and out. But she does have secrets. Everyone thinks she's a happy, perky girl but truly, she's breaking. She's not sure why though. She has all she needs in life except for maybe that perfect boyfriend. But she has no reason to be upset. She's the last girl you would expect to even think of suicide, but it's crossed her mind. If you ever come across a Mackenzie, be sure to keep her. Maybe, along the way, she'll break and you'll be the one to pick up the peices.
Girl 1: Omg there's Mackenzie! Isn't she gorgeous!
Girl 2: I want to be her!

Boy 1: Dude! Mackenzie is hott!! I wish every girl was like her.
Boy 2: Aye back off! I called dibs!
by wfjhr June 15, 2014
Honestly, a Mackenzie is the most amazing person you will ever be able to meet. A Mackenzie is beautiful, amazing, kind, a little klutzy at times, cute, sweet, thoughtful and, no doubt, very friendly. A Mackenzie is somebody known to have a lot of friends and a person with a lot of talent. She is fun, caring and will always have a good time. If you ever meet a Mackenzie, be careful because she might steal your heart because the very first time you see her you will realize that she's the most gorgeous girl in the world.
Guy - Who was that girl you were with?
Guy 2 - That's my girlfriend, Mackenzie.
Guy - Wow! You're lucky!
Guy 2 - I know. Isn't she amazing?
Guy - Yea, very.
by John_doe1234321 March 11, 2014
She is a beautiful girl. She has a great personality. She is always looking on the bright side of things. She has no idea how beauitful she is. She is charming and hilarious. She has the prettiest eyes you will ever see. You could get lost in them. All the girls want to be her and all the boys want her. She has a strong heart and she knows she deserves the absolute best. She will make you so happy.
WHO IS THAT GIRL? She is so funny and her personality is bomb and look at her, she is beautiful, she is definatly a MacKenzy.
by coolestguyever67 May 11, 2012
Mackenzi means princess in Irish

Very good looking girl
Great fetures (butt, hair, etc)
Kind, loving, helping, flirty, funny, outgoing.
loves to have fun with the people she loves.
Good girlfriend, treats lover like gold.
Naughty girl, freak in da bedroom
Damn, I wish I had that girl mackenzi!
by awasa December 1, 2013
Mackenzie is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Her close friends might say otherwise, but to outsiders Mackenzie is a sweet, honest, shy, girl who couldn't hurt a fly. To her friends she is loud, funny, ditsy, and doesn't take crap from anybody. She stands up for those close to her, and is not afraid to give her opinion on things. She is shy to people she doesn't know and is bad at introducing herself. She is a completely different person with her friends. Some girls think she's a bitch because they think she is two-faced, but that isn't the case. She is a great friend to have and i wouldn't have it any other way!
Girl 1: Did you see Mackenzie? She is so two-faced!
Me: No way! Maybe if you got to know her better you would see who she really is!
by jbrmeo May 20, 2013