A powerful force in the form of a jinx in which, if done right, whatever you say, the opposite will happen.
Yo bro I just got MT'd.
Watch me MT this dude.

Also see: reverse MT: equally powerful but in reverse

Also see: reverse reverse MT (aka the MT mind duck)
by FarmerBob69 September 09, 2013
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mistell - when you say the wrong thing to the wrong person/people at the wrong time.
-Alliance chat-
Lloth: end praxesa I'm looking forward to our webcam session later on...it makes me really horny
Lloth: omfg
Lloth: mt
Praxesa: no shit :P
by Lloth July 27, 2003
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On twitter, MT stands for "modified tweet."
LOL! MT @thisperson ... Bewbs? Looks like a typical Saturday afternoon.
by c-me July 07, 2011
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1)stands for Mind the spelling, it is put in front of a word that was incorrectly spelled.
-Also serves as a way to tell the reader not to comment on the word.
guy1: hey, considently(mts) I'm a smart ass

guy2: if you're so smart why did u spell coincidentally incorrectly

guy1: I put mts so it atoumatcally(mts) becomes right, take that dumbass.

by Deejayy811 August 19, 2009
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Also Known as "Missed Tell" which is usually a term for an MMORPG when someone mistakenly speaks to you on the game.
Gorgo: Hey im coming soon
Gorgo: Oops MT
Fayr: lol np
by CDOOLIN March 30, 2007
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Term used in MMORPG to denote Main Tank. Main Tanks job is to hold aggression(aggro) of a mob while rest of group attacks with the MA ( Main Assist)
Z will be MT during this raid, everyone else follow the MA
by Z Mayes June 21, 2005
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