this a move you use on the boyfriend of the girl you like, you get to know the girl, then you become good friends with her boyfriend, this part take a while. After he feels comfortable enough with you hanging out with the girl in question alone, you make your moves and steal her away from the unprepaired, now lonely ex-boyfriend.
Damn that is messed up how you pulled The Luis on Josh like that. He was messed up for a while after that one. Who know how long it will be before he finds someone else.
by Snatch Mcgregor October 25, 2006
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1. A state where one achieves perfection. 2. One who is lovable beyond belief. 3. One who is of the highest degree of FrEsHnEss.
" Hey did you see that kid, he's almost a fresh as The Luis"

" I sure wish that I could be lovable, If only I was like The Luis"
by The luis January 4, 2008
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A Latino male with dark hair and eyes. Knows how to dress classy while still being the most honest and respectful guy. Every girl's dream boyfriend. Usually difficult to understand and emotional at times. Shy at first, but if he opens up to you he's the best lover you'll find. Generally attracted to blondes, and will always find a way to satisfy your love cravings. Awesome bro to be with and loves music. Isn't afraid to dance a beat if he feels like it, but he's modest so he doesn't try showing off. Very straight forward, and pretty oblivious to flirts. If you like him say so, he wont play tricks or cheat, so dont worry. If you let a guy like this go, you've gotta go see a mental hospital for your stupidity!
Girl 1: That guy Luis is pretty cute, I don't think he likes me tho.
Girl 2: He just doesn't show it but he's head over heels with you. Definitely won't cheat or lie to you. He's the perfect boyfriend!
by iceman4190 May 20, 2013
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Luis is the cutest boy you’ll ever meet .Hes self conscious and dorky it’s almost irresistible.Hes a very clever and smart boy when he wants to be.He can be very confident and brave.But when his girlfriend is around he’s more dorky then usual.Luis is good friend to have around to make you laugh and smile
Luis is so cute
by Helen Bini May 12, 2018
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A Latino with a big dick and can take anyone’s bitch
Is that Luis? Yea watch out he might take ur bitch
by Dadkkdetjkv February 25, 2018
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Luis is a dark-skinned Latino. He has the most amazing eyes. All the girls are head over heels for him but he pays no attention to them. He only gives his attention to one girl. Every girl wishes she was that girl. If you let Luis go then you need to go to a mental hospital and get some help. Luis is an amazing boyfriend. If you are the lucky girl to be his girlfriend never let him go,
Luis is so amazing. I wish he was my boyfriend
by Anonymous406 August 11, 2017
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1.A sexy, young, dark-hair/dark-eyed tall male with an irresistibly attractive face beautiful personality c; he's the sweetest guy you could ever meet has a perfect image of future boyfriend and perf body like OMG total OVARY BURNER lol if you let him go you need help. Luis is a guy you'd want to be around a guy you wished would hold you cause his hugs seems so warm and full of love<3

2.has FINE written all over them
3.pure gentlemen with class
me: i wish my boyfriend was like Luis
friend: you mean a perfect guy
by maryloveswafflesandhim February 12, 2013
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