When a contestant of a competition has no probability of winning, but wins anyhow, it is a longshot.

When you try to guess a result of something, but in fact you don't know at all what will be the outcome of it, that is a longshot, it is a wild guess.
I guessed the 3 last Superbowl winners, all longshots.
by Lilian8 October 02, 2006
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When your trying to name a replay on old fifa games of a halfway Line goal with wayne rooney and you try to name it Longshot but you accidentally write longsh*t
That was a mad Longshot from Wayne Rooney
by Long sloppy shot July 23, 2020
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When a man climaxes and fires his load several feet, typically on a woman's breast, face, eye, etc.
I can't believe he longshot me last night, my eye is still red.
by Grimm1313 November 03, 2012
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1: Someone succeeding, despite all probable odds. Showing an impressive display of skill. Synonymous with "balling." (References the 1985 Marvel Comics character, Longshot, who briefly joined The Uncanny X-men)
Samuel was longshotting last night when he beat an entire team of prestige players all by himself in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Junot Diaz was longshotting in 2008 when he won the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.
by greyghost1779 July 26, 2011
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Contest similar to "silly swords" or "pissing contest" where two (or more) males stand behind a straight line and urinate as hard as they can. The winner of "longshot" is the one who is able to piss the farthest.
"Mike and Frank were in the back yard playing longshot. Mike won, but I think he shit his pants straining."
by Frank Klaune March 06, 2004
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When the ratio of males to females, or females to males at a party or event turns to an uncomfortably high number. More so referring to the male to female ratio.
Mike: Hey, Seth and Keith are here... and they brought all their friend friends...
Randy: Did they bring any women with them?
Mike: Nope they just turned this into a a longshot party.
Randy: I'm not planning on getting any from this party
by BDDFCIN November 06, 2010
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Girlfriend says no to ATM so after anal you go to the shower and pretend to wash up. The day after you ask for a blowjob.
"Hey babe I'm all cleaned up from last nite let me get some head." after finishing " haha thanks for the longshot ATM.
by Uncle creepy1 July 04, 2011
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