When a man uses his thumb to keep his penis erect; using techniques learned from such video game consoles such as N64.

When you are "Joystick'in it", you take your thumb and rub it on the head of the penis, as if you were playing an intense game of Mario Kart 64.
Moe: Jesus girl hurry up and get undressed, I'm losing it!

SlutFaceWhoreBag: Just do the joystick for a while! My bra is stuck!

Moe: Nvm, I'll just call your sister
by CreamyMoe August 1, 2008
When you're fucking a girl doggy style, you take off one of her stiletto high heels, jam the stiletto in her ass, and grip the shoe like a joy stick, making WWII fighter sounds as you finish inside her.
You should have heard her yelp when I gave her the joystick.
by Dr. Chesterfield December 29, 2015
1.a electronic device used to control the action in a computer game

2. the penis, especially when erect
The joystick is slowly being replaced by less cumbersome devices like control pads.
by Light Joker April 17, 2006
Homosexual sex position where a man has his partner on the edge of the bed with his legs aloft. He then "Makes love" to his partner whilst waggling his penis from side to side like a joystick - namely in the old 80's sports games fashion (Daley Thompsons on the Amstrad CPC464 for example).
He can also then uses his testicles as the buttons, if he so desires.
Russ lay on the edge of the bed holding his legs, I entered him and begun to furious waggle his todger left to right like a joystick whilst bashing his gonads with my index finger like a true 80's gamer.
by MC ToeKnee Jee March 18, 2008
A stick for joy, for games and OTHER things. ;)
Could I play with that joystick?

by Sychonub October 19, 2011