The creepiest person on the planet. Has an expressionless face most of the time, you might see him in your cafeteria. He is always hiding something, and once you find out what it will wish you never knew........
I stalked the janitor at his turns out that behind closed doors, he is a satanist!!! I couldn't believe my eyes :O
by anti_asshole January 10, 2013
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When you're in debt with someone, so you have to do chores to make up for it.

A known quote from Grand Theft Auto IV
Roman: I kick all the asses that play me, they call me The Janitor!

Niko: Because you can pay your debts and they make you mop the floor? Incredible.
by A Idiot in a Village August 28, 2019
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When you shit on a bitch then you piss on her chest to clean it off like a fuckin janitor in the cafeteria cleaning up some little kids puke
I had this dirty bitch that was so nasty that she told me to shit on her then clean it off with my piss, like I'm the janitor from school, fuckin cunty whore
by Cennams February 2, 2007
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The Janitor is where you shave off your GF's pubic hair. Then, super glue it to the tip of your penis, then ejaculate on her(not in her). The mop it up using the Super glued pubic hair.
Gf-Man, I feel so clean now
BF- Yeah, thanks to the Janitor
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ie Master of the custodial arts
"I am a master of the custodial arts, or janitor if you wanna be a dick about it!"
by Brittvj October 7, 2007
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A genius failed by the education system who can secretly answer math problems at a post-collegiate level but doesn't reveal this talent until it is too late.
Matt Damon: DON'T DO IT, MAN! NOT YOU, MAN!!!!
Student: Shut up, janitor.
by SpaceMouse April 16, 2010
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1. People with huge beards in your school that cleans up after your shit, but in reality, they are the rulers of the world. Usually old people with a crazed look in his eyes, they are very wise and the only mens on the planet able to make babies.
2.He's your dad.
1. Voter 1: Hey, is George Bush a janitor?
Voter 2: Nah he's too dumb to be one. Osama is a real janitor. Look at the size of his beard!
by semaca January 11, 2009
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