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A band from Tempe,Arizona that formed in 2007.They have a pop-punk influence with heavy sounding guitars and harmonic vocals.
They usually play around the Temple area mostly,they also played with Emery,Hawthorne Heights,Unwritten Law,The Almost,and many others.
"Did you see The Ivy last night?,they stole the show!"

"The keyboard player from The Ivy is crazy on stage!"
by DH85 May 02, 2009
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One of a handful of LA restaurants where wannabe actors pretend
to be flush with cash...and proceed to max out their credit the futile hope that one of the true POWER DINERS will bother to give them the time of day.Sorry kid.He notices
you like he notices the waiter...only when he's annoying.
ACTRESS/MODEL/WAITRESS/YOGA CHIK:"Hey Tina...wanna go dutch on
lunch at THE IVY tommorrow?"

TINA:"Sure.We can go in my newly
leased Bmer.That way we can
by L.MARTIN September 26, 2005
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