When you're having an argument with your spouse, and it starts to escalate so you ram your dick in her while its soft, and pure rage gives you an angry boner.
Me and Michelle were having a fight last night so i hit her with The Incredible Hulk to relieve some stress.
by the gargle king October 25, 2018
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When a slut is deep-throating your cock, once it reaches max distance inside the throat you flex your cock causing it to touch the "punching bag" ( uvula ) in the back of her throat. Which causes her to throw up all over your cock.
That fat bitch Sally was deep-throating my cock so I gave her The Incredible Hulk to help her lose weight.
by Nip Daddy and DJ Dubb December 12, 2012
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A dick so massive that it breaks shit. Hulk smash? Twapping people with it could easily render them unconcious. Add a green rubber for effect.
What has 142 terth and holds back the incredible hulk?
by dr,dumbass May 11, 2009
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When someone passes out drunk at your house ( or any house or place ) You and friends drag them in the woods take their shirt,shoes and socks off then you cut their jeans or pants into shorts and they wake up thinking they turned into the Hulk. You get mad at the victim when you see them again and tell them they turned into the Incredible Hulk and fucked your house up!
Man dude what happened? I woke up in the woods without half my clothes! Dude don't get mad at me you are the one who turned into the Incredible hulk last night! Shit you incredible hulked me!!
by moman86 October 27, 2013
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Better known to us veterans as the
"One cup Fuck up"
One part hypnotiq
One part Hennessy
When mixed properly will turn hulk green
The "block and fall" of the new millenium. Drink a cup, walk a block...and fall
by MARCJON78 September 8, 2003
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A mixture of 2 of the most famous liquors in the world, Hpnotiq(Mostly drank by the teenaged group) and hennessy, a choice by mainly older men, this is usually a 1 part hpnotiq 1 part hennessy, which turns the drink into a bright green liquid, hense the name incredible hulk.
we be drinkin that hyp and hen what we be callin incredible hulk
by Jones Valusse May 4, 2006
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"Sippin hypnotic and hennessy yeah we call that incredible."

Twista - Like A Pimp remix
by Incline January 28, 2004
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