a monster from greek mythology, sometimes mistaken by some (bizarrely) as some kinda dragon despite the fact it doesn't have wings and has many heads. Definitely not teal in colour.
- its not a dragon its a hydra. HYDRA
by Mtoiaaaaaaaaaaaaa July 2, 2005
An op, a person that did u dirty or just an overall bad person.
That boy is a hydra, he snitched on me and my boys. We don’t fuck with hydras.

Fuck that teacher he’s a hydra.
by Bashanigga February 16, 2020
Originally a secret branch of the Nazi party. Acting as a deep science division, and lead by Captain America's nemesis, "The Red Skull," Hydra eventually set out to conquer the world using advanced technologies acquired by harnessing the powers of the cosmic cube, but was thwarted by Captain America.
Hydra grunts: HAIL, HYDRA! HAIL, HYDRA!
The Red Skull: *Smiles*
by kuxsa July 24, 2011
the hydra is a Greek monster that has nine heads ,eight of which are mortal and one of which is immortal, it also has venom that it sprays from its mouth, and has poisonous scales.
Heracles ( Pernounced her-AKLEES) killed it by cutting off its heads and then scorching it with fire so it could not grow back and did this with all nine heads then buried the immortal head.
as the hydra sprayed venom at me i quickly maneuvered out of range of the venemous spray
by greekgirl345 January 7, 2017
A sex position where the woman is on top riding dick while she has one of her feet on your face or head
Nickname of arguably the best World of Warcraft player in the world, playing the priest class he scored every rank 1 title possible in the game since the release of World of Warcraft arena.
1. "Lord Hydra owned me"
2. "I wish I could be as good as Lord Hydra"
by truthteller1337 November 12, 2010
An untrustworthy person who does you dirty. It is notable that these people are usually of African descent, however this not always the case. We don't fuck with hydras.
Hydra is one cyclops looking nigga, let's go get him.
by WackiestJacko September 5, 2020