The Hotties are a J-rock group who started making their inspiring music in 1945. After being drafted into World War II, they realised how bad war is and decided to dedicate their music career to it. With hits like "We Are the Hotties" and "Welcome to the Cumhouse", you can't resist them!
The Hotties is one of my favorite bands.
by orangekows May 8, 2006
A Reference used to acknowledge a very rich and influential Person , who flaunts and lives a very lavish lifestyle.

Mostly Used in Western African Countries esp Nigeria.
MR Mooh Na Hottie Hottie Him Dey always ball 365 days none stop , be like he Dey print money for house.
The Number Of G-wagon girls are rocking lately In this Naija , I am sure many Of their Sponsors Na Hottie Hottie.
by Obacino January 20, 2022
You’re an absolute hottie ❤️💞😝🤪🥰😍🥵
by Whyyy89473 March 30, 2021
"Dang! Kina and Alex are the definition of hotties!"
by baes June 11, 2014
A very attractive person; can be either male or female.
John and Ruth are two major hotties at our school.
by WindWaker68 July 22, 2004
yo bro, whos da hottie over there
by ric March 5, 2005