A sexual act where a women grips a mans penis and moves it in the same way one moves the gear shift on a manual transmission car.
"Yo, diane surprised me with a gear shift last night, blew my load everywhere!"
by Cyanideaddict March 17, 2015
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stick of a car used as a dildo by women sexualy excited by car, truck, vans or other motor vichecls
Dude! Whys my stick wet and smell like puss?! Dude I think your woman used it as a gear shift dildo
by Twitch Mutthawk June 1, 2007
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The act of one man flicking another man's penis with any object besides his hand (to avoid any homosexual accusations), the flick must be brisk and gentle so said man does not get injured. While in the process Man 1 must shout "Shifting Gears!"
Man 0: Bro, you gotta go shift gears...

Man 1: I got it... *proceeds to 'shift gears' on Man 2*...SHIFTING GEARS!

Man 2: You're dumb.
by Big D_31 September 25, 2009
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When a man has to shift his cock and balls from time to time in order to avoid a ballwedgie.
When I sleep my cock and balls get moved around alot and sometimes I have to shift gears and pull my cock and balls out from between my legs.
by MJPDII August 6, 2003
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The sensation associated with peeing after an orgasm. To "shift" the urethra from cum blasting mode to piss mode.
It took Carl a good five minutes standing over the toilet shifting gears after butt ramming Bruce so he could take a piss and wash the poop out of the tip of his dick.
by Anal Czar September 19, 2010
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dude she loves shifting gears she said to me her after school
by Roger S January 15, 2008
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