The mythical figurative membership credential carried by gay men to commemorate the innate knowledge, ability, or sensibility with regard to any subject matter traditionally and generally considered to be the purview of gay men, such as show tunes, color coordination, fashion, hairstyling, interior decoration, or knowing whether any particular man in the vicinity is gay without requiring him to present his gay card.
I haven't seen Rent yet and I can't make quiche, so take away my gay card.
by Trashboysj June 13, 2006
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A mythical card that is used to indirectly tell someone an action or activity is not typically performed by a straight male. The card is similar to a frequent diner or buyer card where a stamp or hole punch is placed in the card and after so many punches the card is full. A Gay Card is stamped or punched when a man (usually straight) performs a stereotypical gay action such as interior decorating, color coordinating, etc. At a certain point the card is filled and the person is deemed gay.
"Dude, arranging flowers is like two punches in your gay card."
by nick_ga January 17, 2007
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A card held by either Gays or Lesbians. It is simply used to show pride and to show men (hitting on a lesbian) and women (hitting on a gay) that are in fact Gay/Lesbian and thereby, not interested.
Male: "Hey, are you from Tennessee because you're the only ten I see"
Lesbian: "Let me just show you my gay card because I'm not interested"
by Elfoise April 20, 2019
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Usually an insult said to someone slightly slow. After being told they have dropped their gay card, the victim looks down, as if looking for it, thereby announcing to the world he's gay.
by a.adz February 9, 2007
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Like the race card, the gay card is used when an individual or group of people of the LGBT community believe or accuse an individual or group of discriminating or hating them because of their sexual orientation in order to gain an advantage or influence over their needs and wants.
Ex. 1. LGBT high school student: You just hate me because I'm gay! Homophobe!
High school student: No, you're rude to me in class and spread rumors. Being gay has nothing to do with it...

Ex. 2: LGBT individual to a police officer: I'm gay, it's a hate crime if you arrest me!

Ex. 3: Religious individual: Just because I believe in God doesn't mean I automatically hate gay people...
LGBT individual: You're the reason I can't get married! It's entirely you and your religion's fault for oppressing us!
Religous individual: Hey, I voted for gay marriage to be legal!

Ex. 4: LGBT high school student: Woe is me, I'm a freshman and can't get married. *cries*
High school student: Stop playing the gay card to get attention. It's not working.
by lgbtyearbookgirl August 29, 2010
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Like the pussy card accept used only between gay men to grant each other favours for sex.

To use the gay card is when a guy uses his body or has sex with another gay guy in order to get what he wants.
Andy used the gay card on Will and got the promotion he wanted. Although Will was 58 and Andy was only 19, Andy was eager to get a head in the workplace.

"Andy has used the gay card so much, anyone would think he was turning into a common prostitute!"

"Now Andy has aids and is nearly dead, Toby will play the aids card to get Andy's job."
by The Moody Poet January 20, 2007
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An imaginery card that when dropped by its holder,forces them to bend over in an effort to pick it up only to result in an erect penis being inserted into there anus(at great velocitys),mostly used as a treat ie:
"Dont fuck with me or youll be dropping that gay card if u know what i mean"

"Next time you pwn me that bad, gay card hits the floor"
by joe/jay January 6, 2005
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