Pedo: Did he get the fresh out of you, if you know what I mean?

Girl: You're disgusting.
by Supah Sheecret October 28, 2013
Cool, or how someone carrys themselves; how well dressed and fashionable a person is.
For an old man he's really fly. I've never ever seen him not looking fresh!
by talk2me-JCH2 May 6, 2021
Freshness the status of being set apart from the rules of society by means of fashion,your ability to be creative and productive mentally in a positive light, and going against the norm in order to set trends that are conclusive your culture everyday reality.
Thomas has elevated to the next level in life being on his Freshness.
by MBettamusic March 28, 2019
when you blazing up with the squad and you drop the lit cone on your fresh tee
"oh yo, youre not fresh bro!"
by joefray April 14, 2015
fresh is cool you cannot get any cooler than being fresh.
"Wow stretch is so fresh!"
"I know I wish I was as fresh as him!"
by fresh rabbit October 26, 2014
very good/fly (in relation to clothes, cars, bling, and style)
man, yo lookin fresh tonight!!
bitch don't touch my fresh-self!
by princess D October 31, 2003
FRESH- adjective/slang
This word originated during the 80's hip hop era in New York hip hop culture.

It was used to describe something new or nice.

FRESH (2015)
Used as a substitute word for something that is free. Can also still be used in it's original form to describe something new or nice.
Person A: "The MTA has free shuttle buses! We don't have to pay a fare to ride!"

Person B: "That's what's up! So we gonna be riding fresh!
Fresh- New

"I got a fresh ride! Traded in my 2003 Camry for a 2016 Corolla!"

Fresh- Nice, fly, dope!
"That hairstyle is fresh! It really brings out your swag!"
by blue kicks December 8, 2015