When a man attempts to sleep with a woman by pretending to be homosexual
Bill slept with Jessica by pulling off The Feint
by The one hump wonder August 8, 2018
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feint means to be thirsty , on someone , obsession in a way . minding someone else buisness
Yo you a feint ! get off me

my bestfriend is feint for my man !!
by Jill Scott September 28, 2016
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Any attack or other operation by the Russian military that fails, regardless of scale or losses.
Person 1:"Man, the Russians got their asses kicked last week
Person 2:"Don't you see you ignorant westoid, it was a brilliant Russian Feint, the invasion is preceding exactly as planned!"
Person 1:"They committed twenty divisions and half the VDV to it, and lost most of them."
Person 2:"Your point?"
by paul6334 September 6, 2022
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One of two things which happens when you're playing Quidditch:

1. In the middle of intercourse, the male withdraws for a few minutes to perform vigorous oral sex on the female (going down hard and fast...), and then continues intercourse (...and pulling back up).

2. In the middle of any sex act, a female signals to the male that she is ready to catch the snitch (by moaning, saying "here it comes!", et cetera) before she actually is. This tactic is used to end a Quidditch match early, without hurting the other player's feelings. It's intention is to inspire the male to "follow" the girl, looking for his own Snitch, and ending the match under the assumption that the female did too.


Neither of these is to be confused with the Wronski Defensive Feint, a move performed in the Harry Potter books.
1. Viktor Krum performed the Wronski Feint on Hermione during their tryst on the first night of Easter vacation

2. Jack was a good friend of Sarah's, so she performed the Wronski Feint when Jack wasn't getting her off. They remained friends to this day.
by The Ravenclaw Seeker March 4, 2005
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To fake a male orgasm. Usually including yogurt or other white substance hidden during sex and thrown on to the bitch as you make sounds like you are actually cuming. If they can fake them so can we.
I pulled a cum feint last night by slapping banana strawberry yogurt on my bitch's back. I don't want no damn kids.
by JAGIV July 11, 2008
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Prior to the act of fellatio, the pubes of the recpient are doused in chloroform. When fellatio begins, the head is held until the "blower" passes out.

They are then flipped on their back and buttfucked.
"Ron gave me the old wronski feint, and now I can't even sit down!" said Hermione.
by HarryLovesButtSex May 16, 2012
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What you're doing... AND what I'M doing! GET IT!? It's a play on words! By shifting the context of the word IGNORANCE I make it so that I'M doing the same thing YOU'RE doing! Did you get it? Remember when I said that? Did you get it? Before I explained it, I mean.
Hym "Right. So, feinting ignorance is where you act as though you are unaware of information of which you are fully aware. But forms of bigotry such as sexism and racism and ablism are ALSO considered ignorance. So you could say that we are BOTH feinting ignorance, right? It's funny. Now, I now you're thinking 'You aren't really doing that! You're just saying to get away with it. You're ignorance is real.' And to that I say: YOU DON'T CARE! You don't give a single fuck about it. You just don't like the things I've said. AND I DON'T ANSWER TO YOU! You aren't an authority to which I can be held accountable. You're likely some piss-ant parent who's butt-hurt I said I don't care about you kids. Or are someone who doesn't like the idea of me not being worse than you. But it's funny right? Now that I explained it. It's kind of funny.... I'm one of the greatest comedy writers of all time, by the way. So... Yeah. That is all."
by Hym Iam April 27, 2023
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