An absolute failure of a system that fucks up millions of people's lives that's not only completely outdated and in need of a radical change, but also strips students of their individuality and expects them all to end up in some factory that doesn't even exist anymore.
The education system is basically prison, but we're forced to go through it.
by failüre November 2, 2018
1. A system that is completely useless that tries to "educate" children. But they really just waist their time.
2. "Teaches" kids the "basic" stuff to "survive in the modern world.
3. Shit
Man 1. Hey bro this is sooooo the education system.
Man 2. Yea man this is smells like the education system.
by Theshittytruth March 20, 2017
A system that claims to "educate" its victims, while in actuality hinders critical thought, creativity, or joy in the victim's everyday life by issuing homework to extend the torture. Also, to dumb down the generation within the walls of the institution to continue the vicious cycle of ignorance among the masses.
Teacher: Ok, now we shall learn how to do a 5 paragraph essay...

Student: But, isn't writing meant to represent free-flowing expression from people, and should not be subject to a trivial organization that only hinders this process? Oh wait, this is the what the educational system demands, is it?

Teacher: go to the office, now.
by DoneWithTheSystem March 6, 2014
A branch of government owned facilities geared towards education and achievement of knowledge through cruddy textbooks, overpopulated classrooms and tenure/senority power hungry teachers/professors etc...
"Oh my god, that freshman is reading Johnny Tremain! I read that in the 5th grade! Damn you California Educational System!!!

by 1234iDeclareAthumbWar October 30, 2006
Baxton: I say, the British Education System is a right ol' joke, wouldn't you say?

Reginald: Ah yes, quite! *Cockney chuckle*
by EnglishFag June 11, 2016
A human rights violation. The baby boomer teachers working there are complete narcissists, who think you owe them every bit of respect for nothing more than them being older than you. They talk down on you and treat you worse than dogshit. You're loaded with fucking stacks and stacks of work just so the boomer teacher narcissists can punch in your grade and get their paycheck.

They don't care about your future. They act like they want you to get into college. Schools put you through mental, social, and emotional torture. Hell, even they physically torture you when they make you hold your piss in order to not be "rude by disrupting the class".

I will NEVER in my life send my kids here. I'm going to homeschool them so they actually fucking learn something and don't get put through hard labor. I'm going to send smart, intelligent, and happy kids out into the real world, unlike these douche bags in the public schools. They put traumatized and depressed young adults into the world. And then we wonder why young adults are so mentally unwell. They encourage left wing ideals, homosexuality, and everything else God disapproves of.

I have respect for the good teachers, you know exactly who you are. I've had a few good teachers, and them simply respecting me and not being a narcissist can do SO much to change my attitude for their class. All they have to do is not be a narcissist, and they've already got loads of my respect.

But sadly, those teachers are a minority at this point.
The American Education System is to blame for all the issues with young adults in the US.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx June 9, 2020