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Possibly the most heterosexual man ever to exist. His mere presence causes all other gays to flee in terror. While banging his chick, he has to put something dick-shaped into his mouth just to balance out his hormones. Contrary to popular belief, a man named Baxton has quite the package "down under". Legend has it he is the only man to ever satisfy Amy Schumer's massive whale sized vagina. *Insert Dory whale sound*
Girl: "Holy shit, this guy's a cutie."
Other girl: "Bitch, you crazy! This guy's a Baxton. Yo pussy gon' look like an exploded cinnamon roll when he done."
by Nips McLick May 31, 2018
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A Jewish man with an unfortunately small penis. His large nose is in fact even bigger than his penis when erect
Have you seen baxton's penis? It's smaller than his nose!
by Axel Hose August 09, 2017
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