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The act of taking one leg and moving it back and forth while going forward. The king of rock n' roll, Chuck Berry, perfected this move and since then millions have copied this move but only one person other than Chuck can perform it, Angus Young.
Dude, you suck at the duck walk. Stop trying to be like Chuck or Angus.
by why are you looking at this? October 25, 2008
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The duck walk is the traditional act of a whore ( not worthy of a towel or nut rag) whom is forced to walk bent over to the bathroom with Spooge / Nut running down the small of her back. The duck walk gives a man a humerous moment of triumph while watching such a degrading walk of shame. The duck walk was established in the 1800's by a brother of Phi Delta Theta at the Auburn University Chapter; and has spread from east to west coast due to its popularity. 2019
"Hey Billy you should of seen the look on that dirty whore's face when I made her do the duck walk."

"That nasty bitch was not worthy of my towel so I pointed towards the bathroom and stated: Do the duck walk you skank bitch; and thanks for the meaningful one-night stand.
by Fancy Ladd May 17, 2006
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