The intense, romantic moment just before two people are about to kiss.
"Before we kissed there was this amazing long drum roll!"
by The slow poke July 7, 2009
Marshall: So did you kiss her?
Ted: No I only got a drum roll...
by ThATOnE October 13, 2014
Holding off on a girl until the time is right. Maybe you want to see if she is normal, sane, worth your time. Or you're waiting on her to break up with her boy friend.
She has been dating my friend for a month but I think its about to go south so I've been drum rolling her for a while
by anonsxgt November 23, 2011
When, after climaxing in a woman's vagina, the man pulls his penis out, and procedes to drum on her belly with it; lasts up to a minute, whence past a minute, it becomes tummy-beating.
I did the drum roll on her and the whole thing, then she cried.
by Paccali December 18, 2002
That unexpected, very loud and unstoppable fart, usually rolling out in a crowded elevator or in a quiet restaurant.
As the flaming dessert passed our table, my drum roll flatulence was dramatically announcing its delivery.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 19, 2019
A drumline tradition during which new bass drummers must stand on their heads while inside their harnesses being held up by their drums. After this they are officially part of the marching band. (Filming is optional but highly recommended.)
Shannon: Hey Jack get over here!
Jack: *starts walking*
Jack: *scared* ok... *puts on drum*
Shannon: *pushes Jack onto the ground head first and makes him do a bass drum roll*
*Pat walks over and starts filming*
Jack: Are you filming yet?
Pat: No not yet
*This continues for two minutes*
by Russian_Tinkerbell October 27, 2013
The build up before the first kiss with someone where your almost to a kiss and the tension is high. You can learn about it in How I met Your mother
"She called it the drum roll moment." "Ted that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard."
by Cal3d0nl0cal August 1, 2016