The act of sticking a door handle up your ass, then having the person on the other side twist the handle around.

Man: "aww ya blunt I caught you giving The Door Handle to your girlfriend last night!"
My favorite sex move is The Door Handle!
by Levahound September 13, 2014
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Door handling is the act of inserting ones penis into their own vagina or anus, obviously partaken by hermaphrodites with both sets of genitals... Or weird motherfuckers.
Sam was bored lonely and horny so she/he decided to door handle her/himself.
Soon after, John caught Sam Door Handling and committed suicide...
by Motherfucker993 February 11, 2014
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A lever found commonly on the outside of a door or swinging portal to another room. Usually placed around 3 1/3 feet above the ground. Some handles or "knobs" are metal or occasionally plastic (very rare).
Door handles are great. When I need to get somewhere, they really help me get there. Wow they're great. Skeet Skeet
by BLANDRY February 21, 2006
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A person that supports something but don’t support a certain bunch of them because of their own beliefs
Like an male anime fan loving the other anime fans but not the females because that male is a door handle and only likes the male anime fans
by Thatcrazyoldbag July 30, 2020
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a trunk release latch on the inside of the trunk. synonymous with emergency latch and rape escape.
We won't have to wait for someone to let us out of the trunk, we just have to find the mexican door handle.
by steelerfan7 September 3, 2009
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Pooping in a bag or some sort of transporting device then proceeding to find a park car, rub the poop on one or all of the door handles then watch as the driver/passangers get poop on their hands. Don't leave until you see the whole situation unfold. They may not realize it's poop at first. You can also use animal poopy if your not up to pooping into something.
I got you with the poopy door handle. There is poop on your hands.
by 1TJM January 6, 2008
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The act of sticking one's hand into the girls anus and then

Procceding to open her vagina like a door handle.
At first she wasn't willing to do a rusty door handle but soon she came to liking it more than anything!
by ArgibaldIII January 16, 2014
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