The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He has a blue box called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), the TARDIS is a Time Machine which goes anywhere in Time And Space. Time Lords have a little thing called regeneration where the Time Lord changes appearance but keeps most mental thoughts.

To call someone "The Doctor" the individual must have extreme knowledge of one topic, so if someone was smart you'd say -
"Calm Down mate, Are you The Doctor or something"
by Klonky February 6, 2019
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The main character of the British TV series about time traveling protectors called DOCTOR WHO
The Doctor just left in the Tartus
by Syndrome March 25, 2005
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When Two Friend have sex with two different women side by side. Finish ( Orgasm) smoke a victory cigarette then swap partners and continue to round 2 of sex side by side.
Friend 1:Last night I became a doctor?
Friend 2:Oh Really!
Friend 1:Yeah me and ( insert friends name) bagged two bitches then switched.

Friend 2: The Doctor!!
by Aspiring Doctor January 16, 2014
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A lovable creature that believes in editing certain city landmarks via photoshop. He is extremely creative with a rather large head. He dwells between the caves of Scotland and New Zealand. He lives alone with a lot of cats.
That guy is so mentally weirdly creative he's the doctor.

Beware the guy with the cats hes the doctor.
by thenimmocat October 3, 2010
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An epic prank master that uses riddles to give hints to the next pranks. Often strikes in groups of three pranks at a time. Seen wearing an overcoat and a domino mask.
Dude, The Doctor struck again. There's riddles all over the place!
by tightness April 14, 2009
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The near-religious belief that the Doctor (Doctor Who) exists and does in fact save your life nearly every day. This belief arises from unexplained happy-coincidences, such as an unknown man catching a baby that fell 3 stories, or the oil from the 2009 spill disappearing. Subscribers to Doctorism are known as either Doctorites, Companions, or Neo-Whovians.
Doctorism at its best:
Ronny: "Hey, did you hear? That family that went missing a week ago turned up! No one knows how, and they don't really remember."

Joe: "It was the Doctor for sure! I knew he's real!"
by Draelathor October 31, 2011
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MD or DO who has undergone 11-16 years of post-secondary education depending on their specialty. They achieved top grades and test scores to be accepted to medical school, residency, and fellowship. Graduate with 300k+ debt and work 60-100 hours a week to serve their fellow man.
The Doctor volunteered to help treat patients during COVID-19.
by PerryCox May 19, 2020
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