n. People who get paid to feel you up and stick needle into your exposed flesh for a living. Though it sounds like a good deal, to be one, you have to waste about 8 years of your life in college plus god-knows how many more years in med school. Being a doctor takes a massive toll on your mental health- They are tasked with having to tell people when they have an incurable disease, tell people that they can't have babies, and don't forget the occasional Colonoscopy!
Child: "Wow! Doctors are so cool! I want to be doctor when I grow up, too!"

Mother: "ROFLMFAO!!!"
by superdawge October 2, 2009
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a person who kills your ills with pills then kills you with bills
doctor: sir you have Diarrhea take these pills
patient: how much will it cost
doctor: 1500$
by anime slayer November 19, 2020
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A qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician.
"If you aren't feeling better soon, we will take you to the doctor!"
by hahahahloololol April 28, 2018
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A med school graduate

Somehow commands a level of prestige in society beyond his means.
Person A: "I am a doctor"

by Pyro23 July 1, 2011
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Scary. Very scary. Smiles, stabs you with needles, tells you everything is fine but it's really not...
Random Person 1: Where are you going?

Random Person 2: To the Doctor's office.

random Person 1: AHHHHHH!*faints*
by BeWareOfMe March 30, 2013
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What your dad yells at you to be if you're Asian
"My dad yelled at me to be a doctor"
by Knee-Lover August 12, 2018
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an arrogant person who all they want is money and refuses to acknowledge anyone who makes sense
they are also very rude, smart asses, and do not approve of creative ideas in any way shape or form
a doctor once gave my brother poison
by nonekopopo October 3, 2020
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