The acronym for "day after drinking shits" applied to the morning bowel movements following a night of binge drinking. Usually dark black or green depending on the type of drink. Usually more liduidy than a normal piece stool.
"hey Ryan, Come check out the DADS i left in the toilet, I must have been drinking hypnotic last night"
by Devin B June 12, 2006
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dad went to get the milk 15 years ago
by epic cool kid February 28, 2019
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A person that can either make your life great or turn your life to a disaster.
Homie: What happened to you, bro? Why are you broke?
Dude: My dad went for milk 13 years ago and my momma can't afford a great life. F*ck him
by Anonymousmf123 February 4, 2020
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something that vanishes
by Gh00stG0rl December 2, 2020
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Me: dad? Where did you go?
by Sparkle pussy March 21, 2019
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Someone who disappears for sixteen years of your life in which they smoked three and a half fields of tobacco and impregnated all of San Francisco only to come back to you when your on the wrong side of twenty-five and depressed due to your failing marriage and your unappreciative children to seek forgiveness.
"Hey, Dad did you ever get that milk?"
by LilBigGay February 26, 2019
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