dad: I'm going to the gas station brb
me: lmao ok
*15 years later*
still not home
by Duyaesfiuvlbas gisg February 28, 2019
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1. The guy who never came back from the store
2. Self claimed friend who decided to adopt you because of your daddy issues
1. "Hey mom when will dad bring the milk back."
2. "Oh hey I'm your dad now cause your dad's a bitch,"
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The guy that will leave u when u r a baby and come back when u sign that NBA contract
Man! Why did my dad leave?
by Maysenb15 October 8, 2019
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Something that will run and never come back to you
Teacher: come on class let’s learn about boomerangs
Student: *sighs* I wish my dad was a boomerang
by Big mussel man November 24, 2019
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Someone who's at an old age and is given their first child.
Son: Dad....I think I just broke my arm.
Dad: Well son! Let me just grab my handy dandy duct tape and my wonderful screwdriver.
by Spacey Boi the First October 16, 2020
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The true man in your life that is their for you. Your Dad may also be your Father but your Father may not be your Dad. Your Dad loves you, comforts you, supports you and helps you. Your Dad is someone that you should be able to respect (even if at times you don't show it).
Me: My birth Father is a man I could never respect. He was never there for me even though he could have been. The man my Mom later married was one of the nicest, most trustworthy and loving people I have ever known he is my true Dad.
by True Meaning July 9, 2012
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A guy that us super hot and everyone loves
That guy is "such a dad "
by Heyyyyyyoooooooooooo October 6, 2017
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