Also known as Southern Death Cult, a British goth rock (stuff like The Cure or Sisters of Mercy) band from the 80s and 90s.
by robot May 30, 2005
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A cult (also referred to as a high control or high demand group) is any organization whose leadership uses mind control on its followers. This applies regardless of the organization's size, beliefs, practices, tax-exempt status, or where its members live and work. Cults can be religious or secular. Cult leadership can consist of one person, two people, or multiple people.
I was raised in a cult. Mind control and brainwashing are the exact same thing: The crippling of independent and critical thinking skills through indoctrination.

The more you learn about cults, the less likely you are to be victimized by one. Please Google the BITE Model for a better understanding of how mind control works. There is a lot to learn about this subject, and the BITE Model is a great starting point. Educate yourself and fight against psychological manipulation.
by Nekaterasemandoogehtlla September 3, 2021
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Person 1: HEY LOOK IT’S A CULT!!
Person 2: OH MY GORSH
by BiGpAuLy May 19, 2021
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A religious/non religious group that follows a series of strict beliefs, may include worshiping a specific God/Deity or multiple Gods/Deities, or following strict specific ideals. May involve some form of brainwashing that their knowledge is correct and that everyone else is wrong, WILL have a hierarchy, and may be lead by one of a small group of Charismatic leaders, and typically will shun those who are ex-members.
It's the One True Religion! (I hear this from the Big Three Religions)

If you don't believe in God you are going to hell!

I've just been initiated into this super secret Order/Coven.

Yeah we are a cult, but we believe in peace and love, not fear and hate.

Not all of the above will apply to a cult, but at least one of the descriptions will. A Cult isn't necessarily Good or Evil, it depends on how the cult leaders use the power they have.
by SparkofClearity March 3, 2014
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CULT is the degen way in the crypto space to talk about an NFT community. It is the sophisticated term for an NFT club.
The word was coined by the Magic Meme Money community shortly after the big NFT craze took place.
It's free to join the CULT you only need to buy a .PNG.

The Magic Voodoo CULT seems to be lit, let's buy into it.

Bro, let's ape into that NFT CULT.
by Magic Meme Money December 14, 2022
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A group, often times though not always religious or spiritual in nature, that is led by a single or small group of leader(s).

Members are often recruited or by some means persuaded to join, rarely if ever knowing how destructive and harmful a cult can be -- rarely knowing that it IS a cult. Though they usual come off as being generous, caring and in the best interests of their members, cults are inherently based on furthering the desires of cult leaders.

Cult leaders commonly use thought reform or "brainwashing", in conjunction with other methods, to slowly and deliberately reel in more control of said members. In many cases, members may eventually forsake their friends and family (non-members are viewed as "wrong" or "bad") and give up their careers, homes and/or money to the leader.
Jonestown is an infamous example of a cult. Many people were recruited to what was portrayed to be a friendly, all-inclusive and loving community church. Through years of exponential thought reform, however, members would eventually devote their lives to Jim Jones and, in effect, die for him.

Note: Not all cults are harmful in nature. Many are benign, i.e. trekkies.

See for more extensive definitions.
by Camryn March 25, 2005
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Something you don't know you're in till the last ten minutes
Sitting in a circle of flame in a burning building Gee, I guess mom was right. It WAS a cult!!
by Cultist June 30, 2003
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