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Biased information used to manipulate the emotions. It can take the form of, but is not limited to, the written word, public speaking, testimonials, scripted broadcasts both live-action and animated, pictures, and music.
Cult leaders use propaganda to control their followers.
by Nekaterasemandoogehtlla August 20, 2019

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To indoctrinate by using methods designed to stop critical and independent thinking.
The Jonestown cult was brainwashed into committing mass suicide.
by Nekaterasemandoogehtlla July 08, 2019

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A cult (also referred to as a high control or high demand group) is any organization whose leadership uses mind control on its followers. This applies regardless of the organization's size, beliefs, practices, or where its members live and work. Cults can be religious or secular. Cult leadership can consist of one person, two people, or multiple people.
I was raised in a cult. Mind control and brainwashing are the exact same thing: The crippling of independent and critical thinking skills through indoctrination.

The more you learn about cults, the less likely you are to be victimized by one. Please Google the BITE Model for a better understanding of how mind control works. There is a lot to learn about this subject, and the BITE Model is a great starting point. Educate yourself and fight against psychological manipulation.
by Nekaterasemandoogehtlla December 19, 2020

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