When two men shnoodle but one of them is upside down licking the other mans prolapse
by sharp calculator January 22, 2015
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Clyde's are usually open minded and creative people. They are very brutal and honest however and are very cutthroat when they are asked to tell the truth. Clyde's are also very sweet and affectionate. They are great people to date ;)
Look! Its Clyde , He is very creative.
by Javier Lee August 5, 2019
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Clydes are usually smart assholes that know how to get their way around things, or they can be angels. If your name is clyde you will probably be popular at school because your name is so rare. They often are babe magnets and will do anything for free pussy.
Person 1: “Hey look over there, I see Clyde!”
Person 2: “Whats he doing?”
Person 1: “Getting ladies for sure.”
by ruh roh September 17, 2018
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A man with a kind heart, but has done some bad things in his past. He loves girlfriend (when he has one). Used to be a HUGE man-whore. Gets Lucky a lot. Names his dick. Clydes are Cute, Adorable, Brown eyes/ hair, Dangerous when messed with, caring. Has a twisted mind ;) He will act like an ass if he doesn't like you. He won't care what anyone thinks except the one he loves most. Clyde is sometimes short and he's very lovable, eventhough he won't except it.
" That boy's a clye, he got lucky last night!"

"He's sweet and cute."
"He must be a CLYDE"
by ILOVEDUCKSH December 14, 2011
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Someone who is a true niqqa and likes to think of himself as little bill. This guy is always trying to meet new people, but the opposite happens, people start to to talk to him because he has so much swag
You see Clyde walking
Other Guy: Little Biiiiiiiiill!!!
by NickJorge January 20, 2013
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Constantly Leaving You Deliriously Excited
He is CLYDE. Bonnie likes him.
by Bonnie and Clyde August 5, 2007
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