A sexual position where the male positions himself flat on his back, the female positions herself on top of the male but facing toward his feet. The male holds onto the females hips, so he resembles a biker riding a 70s style, chopper with high handle bars.
I was tappin' dat bitches ass, gettin' the chop.
by Anonymous January 21, 2003
The result of having a moist inner buttocks, thus creating a condition in which the fabric in one's bottoms clings to the inner crack/buttcheek/anus, and creating a 3-dimensional model of one's Gluteus Maximus.
Holli had The Chop yesterday, Emily has it today, But Caleb has it everyday.

We know you just saw that Chop.

Here it come, Choppy McChopson!

"He got da chop *snap*, he got da chop *snap*!"

"I have a Chop fetish", Susan admitted.
by TheDailyChop May 7, 2013
A transsexual. Usually a male that has undergone sexual reassignment surgery.
David is not a real transsexual. He has not done the chop yet.
by Dennis Polk November 5, 2018
An expression meaning "do it now!" often used as a retort by a supervisor speaking to an underling.
"So, are those reports ready?"
"Sir, I'm planning to start on them."
"Well, get on it, chop chop!"
by A_Wordsmith April 4, 2005
A demeaning directive given from a master or superior, to a subordinate in order gain their attention and expedite an order or request, typically accentuated with two stacatto cymbal-like claps of hands at or around head level.
by Ricky Casino July 3, 2010