When a guy is unmistakenably good at flirting and is just very charming overall. He says the right things, touches you in the right way, etc.
"I heard he got in her pants on the first date."
"Damn! That boy really has The Charm."
by mlad420 October 8, 2009
A quality that attracts others to oneself. (noun)
Using one's attraction to persuade someone into doing something (verb).
Lucy's charm made her date feel at ease and special.
Michelle charmed the policeman into letting her go without getting a speeding ticket.
by world citizen May 15, 2005
•The most beautiful girl you could meet . Sweet , caring , funny , loud , smart , slow , one of the greatest person you could ever meet , she's loyal, shows emotion, acts like she doesn't care because inside she's hurting

•she has a bubble butt . and is a great singer ,she’s also a fucking psycho and will knock a bitch out if needed
Damn bro ,Who That”

Bro ,That’s Charm She Bad
by Omgitsstace August 29, 2018
A beautiful girl with such self independence. She is smart and it’s not afraid to share her thoughts on anything. She is the type of girl to say she doesn’t care but undoubtedly cares the most. She has a dark past, but she herself is kind soul. A one of a kind, with some white cake.
“Sooo i bumped into this girl and she gave me a nasty look then continued walking, let me just say she had some cake for a white girl”

” You’re talking bout Charm, yea she’s something else “
by PandaMane June 3, 2020
Someone who is romantic but yet so spontaneous. Someone who is sweet but yet aggressive. Someone who's just so pleasant to be with and look at.
J: Hey babe! If you could describe me in one word what word would that be?
E: One Word?
J: Yeah
E: Charming.
by bbbbbaaashful March 1, 2010
A very creative, interesting and entertaining TV show about three sisters who are witches (not three witches who are sisters). It has great acting and funny as well as dramatic and action-packed plot lines. And it dosn't "poke fun" at Wicca. While the demons and warlocks are made up, there are many time honored Wiccan traditions shown in the show that show that the religion is not Satanic or the a form of the Accult. I would know this as a practicing Wiccan and a watcher of Charmed.
Example #1:
Me: Okay, I admit it, I cried when Chris died in Charmed, I mean...He died in his father's arms. How sad is that?

A friend: It was sad, and totaly real, because of how great they wrote and acted it.

Example #2:
Poser Witch: Charmed makes fun of Wicca, I'm gonna do a spell to rid the world of it. *sneers*

Me: Charmed does not offend Wicca, and real witches know that magick should not be taken lightly!
by M. C. N. April 14, 2006
Deludes the mind, but its precise integration is unknown. Can be used to befuddle humans or disguise objects. Likely it simply manipulates the mind.
"She used a Charm, and I don't remember what I said."
by Kwing October 29, 2009