A magazine providing all the knowledge needed to be a modern gentleman. The considerable knowledge of the contributors on matters of sartorial elegance, moustache growth, grooming, elegant drinking and acceptable etiquette are passed down so that others may live their lives in a more refined fashion. Incorporates "The Chapette", providing the same knowledge as above, with less emphasis on moustache growth.
Gentleman 1: I say, good sir, can I just comment on the cut of your suit. It is of the highest quality.
Gentleman 2: Thank you, sir. I found my tailor in the Chap.
cad gentleman bounder chapette
by Torquil Arbuthnot May 12, 2010
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In East Africa, swahili slang. It means hurry hurry,faster faster or quickly.
Chap! Chap! We're late for church.
You need to do that homework Chap! Chap!
by Banana spoon April 5, 2017
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To get in trouble. Usually with the police. Used often in Santa Cruz County.
The po's rolled at that kegger and me and matt got straight chapped. They gave me a drunk in public ticket. Not puss.
by Moreah January 11, 2009
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The name for a body that gets smoked out of, using the through hole from the anus to the mouth.
It was a pleasure smoking that chap last night.
by VietDom March 28, 2021
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The state of being angry or annoyed. Usual referred to when having a bad time, or being unhappy. Can also be best used when you have made someone angry.
Yeah man, Steve was so chapped. His girlfriend is giving him so much shit!

I don't want to go to the party, I'm feeling really chapped.

You chapped that guy. He'll never buy our bagels now.
by Kassidari February 4, 2010
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I was so chapped when she threw that martini at me.
by M November 4, 2003
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