When you drink all 6 Labatt bottles and line them up with the labels facing out. Referencing the blue lines on an ice rink.
Watching the capitals win, I just killed this six pack to make the blue line.
by The KiNG August 31, 2013
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According to Canadian-born Robin on HIMYM, going to the blue line means just kissing. Otherwise known as first base in American culture.
"It can't be his baby, we just went to the blue line!"
by Tori L. June 01, 2009
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A black rectangle with a solid, thick blue line through the middle. Symbol that is put on items ranging from front license plates, pins, bumper stickers (very small sticker),etc that denotes the user is a police officer. It is a violation of many state's laws to display this symbol if the user is not employed by a police agency. Related to this is the Red Line, which is used to identify fire/medical services personnel. These symbols are usually found on the off-duty vehicles or other personal effects of police /emergency services personnel.
My next-door neighbor, who is a highway patrolman, has a Blue Line tag on the front of his car, as well as a Blue Line sticker.
by J. Malik November 23, 2005
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a dominant hockey line consisting of three dominant players, jarrett(hands),
hakes(mini gagne), and cowan (little bitch)
the blue line is the only reason that the team can even compete, everone else just doesnt cut it
by Dan the Man Jarrett March 19, 2004
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1) Something taking a painful amount of time to complete

2) An informal way to describe someone you have not seen in an extraordinary amount of time
The last hour of class was longer than a blue line minute.

Man I haven't seen you in a blue line minute.
by Charlie Price & Justin Milley January 13, 2009
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The blue line which appears on the left of the text pane when composing replies in Microsoft Outlook. It is continuous and so cannot be used to distinguish a series of quotes from the original text from the reply text. Nor can it be entirely deleted, as any attempt to do so will leave a one-character sized stub.
by goldkillreturns April 28, 2009
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When you're doing a girl doggy-style, and you reach around and sweep her arms out from under her.
I was doing her doggy style and we were watching the Red Sox game when I gave her the ole' blue line sweep.
by Matt Sharp September 21, 2003
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