Basically Saying That You Would "Fuck" a Certain Female but in a less vulgar way.. lol
"Damn! that bitch is a dime...She can get the Bizness"
by 3Ck11 July 19, 2009
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n., deliberate respelling of "business" with meanings generally derived from that word. May refer to any purposeful activity, or more specifically to a particular action (commonly sexual) or a matter of personal concern. As with the word "business" from which it derives, may be used in the informal sense of a tongue-lashing or rebuke.
(referring to personal matters): "Don't be all gettin' up in my bizness."

(as a rebuke): "I ain't takin' none of her bizness about where I was last night."
by Freisler October 20, 2003
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Business, what a person does at any given time
Niles - "Yo whassup my nizzle"
Gerrod - "That ain't none of yo' biz!"
by Anonymous February 03, 2003
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A slang root deriving from the French word, "bisous", which means, "kisses". The term is most typically used as a form of farewell via the internet.
"I must be going now, my little online, French lover. biz."

"I wish that you could somehow smell my message! :( biz"
by John Schiro April 08, 2008
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Can stand in for a lot of words, like the word "stuff". Shortened version of "business".
"..I gotta do a few errands and then from there I got sum skool biz to deal with...but after that I'm available."
"...I played a range of sports in high school, like basketball and all that biz.."
by Casual Ish January 23, 2007
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Just another word for shit or when you accidentally do something wrong.
"How's your new job"
"It's a pile of biz"
by JibbaJubbaJabba August 21, 2017
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