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A morbidly obese woman who eats junk food (i.e. tastykakes, ice cream, doritos) all the time. The biggun will then moan, complain, and actually cry over being morbidly obese. The biggun tries to go to the gym and eat healthy but it lasts no more than 3 days before it is back to regular box-a-day tastykake habits. The biggun is also a lazy slob. It will not take the trash out, clean, close cabinets or doors.

Other than bad hygiene, poor cleanliness, and being morbidly obese, the biggun will also have a piss-poor attitude. It will stomp into the room and it will feel as though a black abyss has just surrounded your happy place. The biggun's presence would make jolly Old Saint Nicholas cry. It will not speak to you, only grunt or sigh to communicate. The biggun is more negative than an electron.
The biggun is cryin again
by Gladys Porter May 04, 2011
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