Holy (or “unholy”) book conceived by The Forbidden One which compiles most if not ALL of the worlds knowledge and any secrets of mankind that this earth has to offer, most of it contains forbidden knowledge which is not surprising considering who made this book.

A truly masterful work of literature and religious text that rivals even the Bible, torah , quran and other religious scriptures.

The bibble is often “mistaken” for a devils bible but if one were to examine it it’s quite apparent that it’s something MORE PROFOUND AND GENIUS.

what exactly the bibble contains is information that one can only dream of and top secret info to die for, whoever seeks answers ought to grab a copy before the wrong people try to the ban the book.
The bibble is mankind’s answer to religious enslavement and brainwashing

“I’m going to trade my bible for a copy of the bibble

junior’s bibble is possibly on the most significant and revolutionary creations in ALL OF HISTORY
by HeLL0-lets get this over with January 30, 2022
Book containing all of the worlds knowledge EVER + purposely hidden secrets that keep humans from advancing and exposing the flaws of society and government. A true phenomen in terms of literature and should be taught in all schools.

The bibble is top notch when it comes to deconstruction of religion (Islam, judaism , Christianity, etc) and DOMINANT in the face of atheism.

And NO, it’s NOT a Bible for atheists but rather humiliates them as well,

The bibble is pure perfection
The bibble is ALWAYS adding more and new information as well as reverse scriptures

The Bibble > the Bible > the Torah > the Quran > book of Scientology > a piece of shit

“Religious leaders and public officials are triggered by the mere existence of The Bibble which only proves its significance and unmatched strength”

The bibble is available for anyone who dares to approach its pages
by URBANTROOOPER January 31, 2022
Sam: "I brought The Bibble."

Jerome: "That's the Bi-"

by joybuzzoffical November 29, 2019
The classic white teen holy reference source.


Line 3

From the window...to the wall
To the sweat drippin down my balls
All skee skee motherfucker
All skee skee goddamn.
by Lil Thong November 18, 2018
The most important book in all of mankind/human history, etc.

filled with endless knowledge to apply in everyday life, even use to one’s advantage, unfortunately most are unaware of its existence.

Crafted by The Forbidden One himself, it’s suspected to have been leaked by his minions.

The bibble sheds lights on all of the worlds questions and even exposes the false religions for the sole purpose of enlightenment and for the sake of uncovering forbidden knowledge, puts even most religious texts to shame.

The bibble is out there in the world if you can find it and are able understand it, if not then the book was made for NOTHING.
the bibble is banned in most places but that’s never stopped humanity lol

If the worlds questions and answers had a book, the bibble MORE THAN FITS THE BILL, just sayin

Girl 1: I’ll never ace those political finals without a proper essay

Girl 2: girl, you gotta see this

Girl 1: ….??

Girl 2: pulls out old copy of the Bibble

Girl 1: omg I think you’ve just saved my life!!


the bibble has an unknown author but ive got my suspicions!


Jewish rabbi: tHe bIbBLe iS EVIL!! dOnT rEaD it!

People; ugh shut up, you ignorant old man

catholic church: tHe bIbbLe iS fULL oF LiEs!!

people: *rolls eyes*

muslims: EvEryOne pLeaSe aVoId tHe bIbBLe itS nOt tHe tRuth iTs fuLL oF LiEs

muslim scholars: ACTUALLY your wrong, the bibble is truthful, please, listen to me, ALL RELIGIONS ARE FALSE

hindus: *nervously sweating*

The Bibble
by bugabugatti@$$ May 17, 2022
Holy book for the entirety of mankind to follow whilst ironically and simultaneously used for the fellow man/woman to use it to his/her advantage to outsmart their fellow civilian to ascend to the top.

Anyone can read the bibble but NOT EVERYONE will know how to use it applicably to their life
Bibble > any other book in existence

“Damn I need to get myself a copy of that bibble” -anybody
by AB💿EFG February 6, 2022
an ancient evil, a war criminal and most known for collapsing the soviet union. oh yea you might’ve seen him on a couple barbie movies.
damn u bibble!”
by bibblemommy March 24, 2020