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a scam created by none other than junior the egomaniac (junior Grimes) internet mastermind and aspiring super villain.

Taking the internet by storm and for good reason since old J knows how gullible and susceptible people are to stupidity and it’s fees, it’s no surprise that traffic on the twittersphere consists of “oMG I WANT AN “NFT” too how about yoU??????!”
NFTs destroy the environment from the power they drive out from kilowatts, but of course if one knows junior b, then this should come as no surprise

NFT’s are further proof of human stupidity and there’s less than even a shred of hope for the internet but infinite hope for J,

Don’t buy an NFT
by HeLL0-lets get this over with January 30, 2022
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Holy (or “unholy”) book conceived by The Forbidden One which compiles most if not ALL of the worlds knowledge and any secrets of mankind that this earth has to offer, most of it contains forbidden knowledge which is not surprising considering who made this book.

A truly masterful work of literature and religious text that rivals even the Bible, torah , quran and other religious scriptures.

The bibble is often “mistaken” for a devils bible but if one were to examine it it’s quite apparent that it’s something MORE PROFOUND AND GENIUS.

what exactly the bibble contains is information that one can only dream of and top secret info to die for, whoever seeks answers ought to grab a copy before the wrong people try to the ban the book.
The bibble is mankind’s answer to religious enslavement and brainwashing

“I’m going to trade my bible for a copy of the bibble

junior’s bibble is possibly on the most significant and revolutionary creations in ALL OF HISTORY
by HeLL0-lets get this over with January 30, 2022
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