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The word "minimum" means to possess or obtain the least amount of something. To keep numbers, a subject, or a profile at the lowest.
John Doe kept negative grades to a minimum, as he wanted to pass his classes and graduate.

"Keep civilian casualties to a minimum. We do not want to accidentally shoot anyone." Said Sgt. Doe to his squad.

"Had Telltale Games kept their reckless management and their employee count to a reasonable minimum, would they not be shutting down."
by GV-104 Razorback September 23, 2018
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1. Slang used in place of the phrase right on to signify agreeing on a matter at hand. 2. Slang used in place of the word awesome to define an amazing event.
James: I cannot wait to get piss drunk tonight in Las Vegas.

Taryn: We are going to have the most minimum time tonight.
by James Davis IV October 19, 2007
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