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Cute way to say male genitals.
I was watching Sunny Leone's porn yesterday, and I felt something was rising. It must be Dark Knight.
by Jukar May 22, 2013
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A variation of the hometown classic, to pull a "Dark Knight" is to pick up a guy (or girl) in your hometown, take them to your parents house, and seduce them using the 2008 film as bait.

Once back at your parents crib, you gotta slip into something sexy under the guise of comfort (usually a kimono), making a wardrobe change from formal to nightware, much like from bruce wayne to batman. After that, it's just a matter of banging on your parent's couch while using the movie's explosive soundtrack to mask the noise.
this guy wasn't into banging at my mom's house, but he was a total dork so I figured I'd pull a dark knight.
by Queenie MareBare January 08, 2010
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GAY aoler who dates fat men online
<3 xupz 2 my ao bitches= i r fagknight
by impuLse September 25, 2003
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The act of having public sex with a girl when she is laying down on the floor while you using some type of sheet or blanket as both a cape and a cover
Guy 1: Did you see that random guy fuck Gabby on the floor at the toga party?

Guy 2: Yeah Bro! He was using a blanket to cover his junk!
Guy 1: He Dark Knighted that Hoe!
by Pike Bitch May 20, 2013
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When your "booty call" comes over in the middle of the night sneaks in keeping the lights off, blind folds and fucks you silly- kevin style- 'till you passout. Takes a shit on your chest and whispers in your ear "I'm your brother, I'm batman," before dissapearing into the night.
As she woke in the morning, the dreadful feeling, what happened last night, was real. After wiping the fresh fecal matter off her chest, the words, "I am batman," echoed in her ears, this was no dream, it was a dark knight.
by ArtDickyoulate February 04, 2010
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Dark Knight is the coolest dude alive. His insane skills both on and off the computer amaze and astound all, especially the ladies. Can frequently be found on comic message boards hitting on other men's girlfriends and underage girls from Canada.
Dark Knight, you are the man!
by DK January 11, 2004
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