A game where you will lose 30 years of your life to get 2 angelic orbs.

Random person 1: I got Bene
Random person 2: DM
Random person 3: Slide
Random person 4: Slide please i need bene :sob:
Random person 5: omgfirebiome
Balanced Craftwars
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Short for Pimp Hand Balance. This is when one of your bitches steps out of line and you bring down your pimp hand strong on the Ho to bring balance back to the relationship and the universe.
Dude, my girlfriend told me that she was going out " with the girls " and would not be home until late. So I tooled her up to P.H. balance that shit out.
by Uncle Jun September 2, 2018
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A thing we haven't seen since 2011,When the game didn't FUCKING EXIST

Let's use some examples...

Sol: Her 3 is Sanctuary basically,can heal herself to half/full health with 1 move *and does damage by the way* A move that hits twice dealing the same damage WHILE using Spear of Magus so that's fair.

Hel: Oh don't get me started on this bitch... basically has 6 skills,can heal her team to full in like 3 seconds with the right items (Which isn't hard),Oh they have an Ares or Xbalanque on their team? Use your 1 and your out of their ultimates no problem. Screw wasting a Relic slot for Purification,she already has one. Oh and her somehow acceptable damage scaling use your 2, 1 then 3 and they are dead.

Ao Kuang:Use your 2 with Demonic grip,spear of magus and polynomicon. This will kill someone 100 to 0 someone in like 2 seconds.I'm not even joking its ridiculous. And your ultimate is a 1 hit kill if their hp is at a certain percentage,which is pretty fucking easy considering how much your 2 ALONE does.

Basically everybody thinks every god is OP because they don't know how to counter them.
Except the gods i listed... Yeah those gods are cunts.

This is also inspired by MythyMoo.
Smite Balance? The fuck is that...

Damn Smite is so balanced i like how they made every god have some type of weakness and strength!

Ymir is a guardian but can kill someone in 2 moves... Smite Balance in a nutshell ladies and gentlemen
by Striker And Dai Also Novel November 15, 2016
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the current account balance; the net flow of liquid assets to the citizens of a particular country. The external balance includes the trade balance, net foreign factor income, and net foreign aid *received*. Usually the main cause of an external deficit is a trade deficit.
External balances are critical to good economic policies.
by Abu Yahya February 14, 2009
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Shoes dat people in dc and maryland go crazy for than jordans
my nationals fitted go smack wit my 992's and im from da middle east so im way flyyer than you!

im from md fucc jordans im rockin new balance youngin'
by tragikk May 28, 2009
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It is the balance of shadiness

It's like finding people shady enough to give you alcohol, marijuana, tattoos, piercings... but definitely not STDs

It's having cool friends who like to party hard and they give you presents like vodka and cigarettes for no reason at all except to make you party harder. Then when someone tries to abduct you, they give you aspirin and take you home.

It's all a balance.

Dude, this is one rockin' shady balanced party! Woohoo
by m. garcia October 26, 2005
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A bracelet, usually made from rubber, worn on the arm. It has a holographic image of the make embedded on one side. Claims to give the wearer extra speed, strength, flexibility and protection from radiation, to name but a few. Studies have shown that it has the same effect as "Dumbo's Feather".
Look at how well I can flex with my power balance! Just as well as without...
by phLOx March 11, 2011
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